February 23, 2017


The purpose of E-Cell DMCE since its establishment has been to inspire more and more students to take up Entrepreneurship as a Career and become the role models for the coming generation of entrepreneurs from DMCE, to help the budding engineers of the institution realise their dreams of establishing their own start-ups, aiding them in conceptualising and executing their plans by fine-tuning their strategy and bring them on platform where they can interact with the industry and hence further hone their enterprising skills, to build a big network of student enterprises from DMCE and facilitate interaction with entrepreneurs, incubators, seed funds and angel investors all over India and support them in all their endeavours.



 The flagship event of Ecell DMCE, ENSPIRE 2017 is the culmination of the year long entrepreneur spirit of the group. Here we invite Speakers who are the master of their game to share the insight on the journey and quirks that made the difference between their success and failure .Often for the young entrepreneur, the hardest step is first one. This years theme explóres the process of mutating the dreamer’s idea into a doer’s reality. Personalities ranging from TEDX speaker Kaustubh Dhargalkar and Instagram Celebrity Ashish Chanchlani will share the niches of their field, the situations they faced and how they made their dreams into reality.

Highlights of The Event:

  • Innovation/Ideation in Startup.
  • Incubators and accelerators .
  • Starting up an IT firm.
  • Viral content creation.
  • Age as an asset.
  • Young age Entrepreneurship.
  • Power of Social Media.

Speaker’s Detail:

1)DR. Kaustubh Dhargalkar(Ph.D Innovation MGT)

IMG-20170302-WA0000 DR. Kaustubh Dhargalkar is a DESIGN THINKING TRAINER/Coach and an ‘Innovation and Strategy ‘ Consultant. Having completed Doctorate in Design Thinking and Corporate Innovation, Kaustubh has been associated with corporates s.a Daimler (Mercedes), Deloitte, Mahindra Group, YES Bank, Accenture, RPG Group, L&T and many others.

A serial entrepreneur since 1990, he has founded four companies and is now on two more ventures. In 2006, Sold his commercial interests in the first 3 companies and plunged into academics and research.

Between 2006-2016, Kaustubh has been an acclaimed professor of Innovation & Design Thinking at Weschool. Currently, he is a mentor at CIIE-IIM, Ahmedabad and also active on the startup forms such as       Weekend Ventures, ET-Power of ideas etc.

2)MR. Prasad Menon(CEO,CIBA Mumbai)

Prasad Menon4

Prasad’s strong belief that as humans we are more alike than different ensured that he always felt at home while he studied, lived and worked in India, Armenia, Russia, Netherlands, Brazil, Switzerland and United Kingdom.

Analytical thinking from his MTech Engineering Education and Consumer behavioural thinking from his MBA Education helped him understand the role brands and its owners should play in consumer’s lives. He has worked in different sectors: FMCG, Retail, Technology & Fashion with industry leaders like Perfetti Van Melle, Liz Claiborne, Mexx, Vertu (Nokia) & Reliance Brands.

Prasad’s passion for education and innovation made him give up a successful 20+ years of corporate life to start his own independent story as consultant, educator and brand strategist.



3)MR. Chirag Dodiya (CEO & Founder at Plorez)


MR. Chirag is 21 year old entrepreneur from Mumbai. Having worked with 50 Companies and founding 6 ventures and 2 NPO/NGO organizations, Chirag has already become a key player . Growing up in mumbai, he has accumulated a myriad skills ranging from working with his father in metal industry since he was 5 years old.

Chirag launched his first business when he was 16 years old into web development industry and since the past 4 years worked within several industries ranging from Travel, Event Management, Real Estates and more.

He initiated a campaign “Youth Entrepreneurs Mindset” and was the co-founder of a youth organization “Global Youth Forum & Navayuvak Entrepreneurs”.




4)MR. Gaurav Sharma(Young Social Activist & Entrepreneur)


MR. Gaurav is a 22 year old social activist from Mumbai. After 11 years of Experience in forming and managing a social group most recently he founded Revoluters Foundation, a youngsters bases social organisation [NGO]. People have tagged him a youngest social activist but he claims to be just a normal guy with big dreams and the will to pursue them.



5)Miss. Mansi Thakkar(Motivational Speaker and Startup trainer)


An IT Engineer by education, Mansi Thakkar is a Motivational Speaker, Trainer and Author who has strong beliefs as how much self growth has an effect on the professional life of a person. Having written for womensweb.in, Mansi  has inspired 1000s of students, women and people from all walks of life to take charge of their careers through taking care of their self.

A true learner Mansi preaches that learning is an ongoing lifelong process as she continues to expand her horizons and enables countless people to do same. A Startup mentor and Corporate trainer, she has helped grow several startups whereas being Personal Growth Expert has altered diverse nature of people by inspiring them and empathising to their psyche so as to unlock their potential and bring out their best selves.




6)MR.  Ashish Chanchlani (Social Media Sensation)

IMG-20170221-WA0016Mr. Ashish is one of India’s funniest vines and video makers. Besides, ‘Ashish Chanchlani Vines’ on Instagram has over 750k followers.Having studied Civil Engineering, he now is grooming as an actor in the industry . Ashish strongly believes in entertaining the people and aims to do so throughout his life.

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